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HVAC Maintenance: Are you causing your HVAC system to break?

Most homeowners don't realize the importance of HVAC maintenance until it is too late. Most premature system breakdowns can be avoided with easy and regular system maintenance. Lack of maintaining your equipment essentially suffocates your HVAC system and requires it to work harder than its designed to do. Causing System failures, poor indoor air quality and higher utility bills.

Here's a short list of maintenance tips that can keep your system running at peak performance on the most demanding days.

Tip #1 - Regular filter changes

How clean is the air in you home? With dust, pets , foot traffic, allergens and outdoor infiltration all cycling through your Hvac system it may be pretty dirty. Without regular filter you system will suck all of this into every nook and cranny of each component in the systems. This creates strain on motors, Blocks your evaporator coils, creates air movement issues and changes the refrigerant pressures your system operates at. It is recommended to use a Quality air filter such as a Merv 8 pleated filter and change it every 3 months.

Tip #2 - Keep the outdoor unit clean.

Your outdoor unit is constantly sucking in air. Outdoor elements such as grass, dirt, debris and cottonwood can get sucked in and trapped against the outdoor condenser coil and creating a literal blanket around the unit and suffocating your system. Causing higher pressures, overheating and motor/ capacitor failures. Its recommended to make sure your unit is turned off while cutting your grass near the outdoor unit. Rinsing the condenser coil with low pressure water from the water hose a few times a year will keep your system clean between your professional maintenance visits.

Tip #3 - Have a professional Maintenance Program

Professional maintenance programs will have your systems maintained on a regular basis. It will ensure everything is running at peak performance and everything is professionally cleaned. It Usually consists of 2 visits a year once in the spring to perform a cooling maintenance and once in the fall to perform a heating maintenance. Your HVAC professional will take apart your system, professionally clean, test and balance your systems components and discuss any areas of concerns that need to be addressed.

With technology and Government regulations changing constantly replacing your HVAC system is more expensive than ever. A great structured maintenance plan will keep your current system running efficiently longer. Keeping money in your pocket. Call Gold Standard Heating and Air for all your HVAC needs or check out our Gold Membership Plan and keep your system in tip top shape.

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